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Faultline - Addictive Personality 7" SINGLE

Band NameFaultline
Record TitleAddictive Personality
LabelAlliance Records
Catalog # / Year ALLIANCE U-37960M / 1994
Genre Hardcore
Color Clear Brown
Size / Duration / Speed 7" / SINGLE / 33rpm
Condition Sleeve / Vinyl (NM) Near Mint / (NM) Near Mint
Import / Picture Disc N / N
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Tracklisting About Faultline - Addictive Personality 7" SINGLE
Side A
1. Addictive Personality
2. Separate

Side B
1. Fire
2. I Believe
Faultline were a hardcore band from Connecticut active in the mid 1990s. Political, raw aggressive and to the point.

Vinyl45LP review : Damn, this band sounds like a grind sludge version of the Minutemen. If that doesn't get your attention, go stick your head in a hole. Dirt heavy plodding guitar and basslines charged with Mike Watt style vocals with socio-political lyrics. Throw in some chugga chugga riffs that metamorphasize into post hardcore Dischord-ish style breaks that summon Nation of Ulysses from the dead and rip into your skull with true aggressive powerviolence moments. This band eff you c'king pulls the punches but as with many truly great DIY projects, this one slipped under the radar in a world of Converge and Coalesece clone bands.

Faultline - Addictive Personality 7" Rare CT Grind 1994

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