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Holy Shit - What the Fuck 7" EP

Band NameHoly Shit
Record TitleWhat the Fuck
LabelSelf Released
Catalog # / Year N/A / 2005
Genre Punk Rock
Color Black
Size / Duration / Speed 7" / EP / 33rpm
Condition Sleeve / Vinyl (NM) Near Mint / (NM) Near Mint
Import / Picture Disc N / N
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Tracklisting About Holy Shit - What the Fuck 7" EP
Side A
1. I Love You, I Hate You
2. Substance Abuse Problem
3. Unified Or Separated
4. Clara's Future
5. Fill In The ________'s

Side B
1. Social Suicide
2. Hotel California Part 2
3. Standing Outside Poser
4. Hello? God?
5. Another Great Idea
6. Self Expression Sucks
First pressing, hand numbered #3/500.

Holy Shit are an irrevrent thrash noise punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Vinyl45LP review : Holy Shit is one of those bands that comes around every so often and bend all the rules to create an original punk sound. No metal guitars, heavy power chords or Lars drum god solos but they play very fast, loose mash-up music. If a comparison could be made, I'd say their sound is like the Minutemen crossed with Drunks With Guns.

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Holy Shit - What the F*ck 7" Milwaukee Punk First Pressing #3/500 Rare 2005

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